Being an EMT is as unique as it gets— this job comes with so many little quirks and eccentricities that only those with real hands-on experience could ever understand.

I’m Amanda, a writer with EMS University. I’ve researched some unconventionally helpful hacks that can help any EMT through their career. Are you ready?

Don’t feel bad if you have to tell someone to put out a cigarette or stop vaping.

If you have a moment where a family member is smoking like a chimney in close proximity to your patient, kindly ask them to smoke elsewhere or put it out. The least you could ask for is oxygen in an emergency, am I right?

Loosen stretcher straps and fold then instead of tightening them.

This is a heated debate among many EMTs, though many swear that loose straps help you get patients on easier and faster. And always and I mean ALWAYS clean your stretcher after your patient— your team will thank you.

If you’re snacking on-the-go, use gloves.

Keep your hands clean by wearing clean gloves any time you put your hands in your mouth. Make sure to use wash up, use sanitizer afterwards, and discard the dirty gloves before getting back in the zone. Nobody wants hot cheeto fingers on them…I kid…

Have XL hospital socks handy for barefoot patients.

This one is silly but here me out! There’s a high chance you will encounter a barefoot patient with dirty feet. To help keep the truck clean for other patients and to keep your current patient’s feet warm and dry, go the extra mile and keep an extra pair of socks handy.

Did I miss any helpful hacks? If so, hit the reply button and let me and the team at EMS University know what you special things you do to get through the day in a life of an EMT.