Emotional Management in the Fast-Paced EMT Life

The world of EMTs is one of perpetual motion, where split-second decisions can mean the difference between life and death. In this fast-paced environment, managing one’s emotions becomes not just a skill but an art. Here are some strategies for EMTs to navigate the emotional rollercoaster that comes with the territory: Mindfulness Techniques Incorporating mindfulness […]

The Art of Notetaking for EMTs

In the dynamic world of EMS, notetaking is an art that EMTs must master to ensure precise communication, continuity of care, and accurate documentation. Here’s a closer look at the importance of notetaking and some strategies to elevate this crucial skill: Clear and Concise Communication EMTs often work in high-pressure situations where effective communication is […]

Navigating the Study Rut: Tips for Online EMT Courses

Embarking on the journey of online EMT courses can be both exciting and challenging. If you find yourself in a study rut, don’t fret—many aspiring EMTs face similar hurdles. Here are some tips to help you overcome the challenges and stay on track: Create a Structured Schedule: Establishing a routine is crucial for online learning […]

2024 Goals for Texan EMTs

As we step into a new year, the aspirations of Texan EMTs are reaching new heights. Here’s a glimpse into the ambitious goals that Texan EMTs are setting for themselves in 2024: Advanced Training and Specializations Texan EMTs are committed to continuous improvement and professional development. Many are setting their sights on advanced training and […]

Texas: A Prime Destination for Aspiring EMTs

Texas, the Lone Star State, stands as an ideal destination for individuals aspiring to become EMTs. This vast and diverse state offers a unique blend of opportunities and challenges that contribute to the growth and development of EMTs. Here are several reasons why Texas is a great place for those pursuing a career in emergency […]

Tips for New Hire EMTs

Howdy folks! How is everyone doing today? I’m Amanda, a writer with EMS University. Today, we’re discussing the best tips for new EMT hires. If you just aced your exam and secured a position at a station, buckle up, because this blog is for you! First things first, try to absorb as much as knowledge […]

Random but Surprisingly Helpful EMT Hacks

Being an EMT is as unique as it gets— this job comes with so many little quirks and eccentricities that only those with real hands-on experience could ever understand. I’m Amanda, a writer with EMS University. I’ve researched some unconventionally helpful hacks that can help any EMT through their career. Are you ready? Don’t feel […]